Hong Kong first half

Made it to Hong Kong after a 14 hour flight. Mostly it’s best to shop around for food, clothes, electronics, etc. It basically feels like Chinatown and Times square combined together.

My plan for this summer

This summer as soon as we get out of school I plan on getting on the plane to get to Hong Kong for 1 week! Then I’m going to Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, then Japan for 3 weeks to spend time with my family and relax.

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If you guys would like to follow me on this trip I’ll be posting a lot of food and pictures I take, so come take a look!

Kendama trick

It’s been a while since I lasted posted, so here’s a Kendama trick I’ve practiced for a little bit.

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The trick is called airplane and the trick is to give it a little tug when the string is furthest from you to give it the momentum and stability for it to land in the hole.

Trying out new things

If i’m not too lazy or busy I’d like to post new creations or games I start playing. Recently I have been playing with a Japanese toy called Kendama. 

I’m not this good but eventually after a couple years of play… I might.

Eventually I’ll start posting the food I cook and places I’m going to travel.